Indian New Wave and Mainstream Hindi Cinema

© Krsna Mehta (Design) © Mirjam Letsch (Photographe)

Here is India, full of colour, spice and perfumes, of miseries and splendours. India is like its gods with many faces, abundant, fascinating, unpredictable. With 1200 full-length films produced each year, 40,000 cinemas and 23 million daily viewers, India is the greatest producer of pictures in the world. Yet we do not know, or only superficially, this immense country that is set to become one of the world’s greatest powers.

“Extravagant India !” takes you through the mirror. Far from the usual sectarianism, we have chosen to offer you a bouquet of the best films representing the different regions and the different styles of India.
Our challenge is to introduce you to the Indian New Wave cinema whilst at the same time rejoicing at a Mainstream Hindi creation. Dark thrillers, tart and crazy comedies, contemporary dramas, experimental films, rare documentaries and surprising shorts will feature alongside the great musical comedies whose stars have risen to the ranks of living gods.

“Extravagant India!” is accessible to both public and professionals, with a large choice of films, roundtable discussions (copyright, film music …), exciting meetings with both famous and unknown actors and directors, a competition for independent films and more.

“Extravagant India!” , a mind-blowing festival that spirits up the magic of the past to introduce the magicians of the present.

Created in 2013 to mark the centenary of the Indian cinema, the festival will have it's second edition. Join us as a friend of the Festival.

The doorway to India opens here.

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MIRJAM LETSCH (photography)
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© Krsna Mehta (Design)
© Mirjam Letsch (Photographe)


Closing Ceremony Festival 2015

March 10th, 2015 at 7:30 pm: Closing ceremony “ Extravagant India ! ” Awards 2015, Full-Length Films, Documentary Films, Short films

Vishal Bhardwaj, guest of honor

Vishal Bhardwaj is a director and an Indian producer, a writer, a scriptwriter, a music composer and a singer, native of Uttar Pradesh. He obtained 4 National Film Awards.

Opening Ceremony

Chotoder Chobi by Kaushik Ganguly

March 4th, 2015 : Opening ceremony in the presence of His Excellence Mr Arun K. Singh, Ambassador of India in France.

India in Paris

February 21st, 2015: “Extravagant India !” In partnership with Media India and Gopio France Métropole invites you to discover " India in Paris ": conference on the young Indian cinema, presentation